For the first time in centuries, our generation has the opportunity to put an end to the perennial conflicts over natural resources, over access to fossil fuels, energy deprivation, global imbalances and the degradation of our environment. Renewable sources, ubiquitous and infinitely available, can supply energy evenly to people and communities across continents and regions, regardless of their wealth and social standing, generate growth and help avoid economic and military conflicts around the world-and all this in a clean and sustainable environment.



We believe in such a future and are committed to make solar energy available everywhere and for everyone. Our aim is to solarize the world energy supply and make clean energy the source for all electricity, mobility and smart infrastructure of the future.

During the past decade, Jarlene Investments has developed and built great many solar projects in the United States and Europe, and currently has plans to develop over 10 GW of renewable assets within the coming 5 years (until 2025).

Our Distinction


Jarlene Investments is in a collaborative partnership with Recom Group. This arrangement enables Jarlene Investments to exclusively tap into Recom’s 750MW capacity European made solar modules with the lowest Carbon footprint and benefit from its decades long expertise in the world of renewables, its extensive database of customers in more than 90 countries and its global reach.

Jarlene Investments stands out among its peers for its self-sufficiency, compet- itiveness, efficiency and lower cost.

Jarlene Investments has long presence and durable footprint in the global renewable market and will continue to further expand its activities and presence globally.



Looking ahead to 2025
Jarlene Investments’ economic, environmental
and social impact in numbers

Pipeline representing more than $6 Billion investment.

RECOM modules deployed to solar projects globally, enough to power 1 Million Homes.

Clean and affordable energy replacing 2m tones of CO2 emission.

Experienced and qualified industry personnel across many continents.